Something of a new hobby for me is a "game" (or simulation?) by the name of Trainz Railroad Simulator. This does more or less what it says on the packet, although for various reasons I tend to look on it as a model railway simulator. One of its attractions is that additional software is available that allows users to make their own 3-D models that can then be imported into the simulator. Over the past few years, I've been working on several 3-D models of my own. You can see the items I've completed here, and also look at some of the items I'm currently working on by clicking this link. Eventually, I intend to add a page to discuss some ideas that haven't yet made it as far as becoming a definite project, as well as some reference material. That's still in the future, though.

The Completed Items page includes links to the contents on the Trainz download station. If you are a registered user of the version of Auran's "Trainz Railroad Simulator" that a particular item was designed for, or a later version, you can download that item by clicking the appropriate "Install" links.

For each item, I've identified the version of Trainz for which it was designed. Most items, are designed for Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (TRS2004), since that was the version I was using when I first started content creation. I subsequently installed Trainz Classics 3 (TC3) and, more recently Trainz Simulator 2010 (bypassing TRS2006, TC1 and TC2, and TS2009 in the process, which means that I haven't tested these assets in all available versions of Trainz). However, otherwise stated, please assume that assets are incompatible with older versions, but should work in newer versions. That won't necessarily be true in every case, so a programme of testing is on my list of Things to Do, and if I find that an asset is incompatible with any particular version(s) of Trainz then I'll include a warning to that effect, unless and until I can resolve the problem. That might involve modifying the existing asset so that it beccomes with later versions of Trainz as well, or by making a separate assets for the newer versions. In general, I don't intend to convert assets to be compatible with earlier versions of Trainz that the version for which they were originally designed.

(The situation with Train Simulator 2009 and 2010 is a little more complex when it comes to using assets designed for older versions of Trainz in that TS2009 and TS2010 might need to run in "compatibility mode" instead of "native mode", since some different modelling techniques were introduced for the more recent versions of Trainz.)

This site is currently a work in progress. Previously, its content has been distributed around a number of locations, and as a result the "look and feel" has been a little inconsistent. I'm working on that issue (along with making the individual pages W3C-compliant), but that's a job for the medium to long term. In the short term, some changes in style from page to page might remain.

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